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What is BCHA?

Bitcoin Cash ABC is a blockchain and cryptocurrency created on Nov. 15, 2020, as a result of a hard fork in the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain that split the original chain into two new chains, provisionally called "Bitcoin ABC" and "Bitcoin Cash."

The price of BCHA is at 13 USD as for November 15, 2020 when it was first released. It was maintained at this level until March 2021. The BCHA price ranged from 10 USD to 20 USD. Many investors believed it was dead, but by April, it had grown to 43$, and by the summer it had doubled. And a year later, the price even reached its peak at 336$

If you had Bitcoin Cash coins in your wallet at the time of the fork (Nov. 15, 2020), you will receive an equal amount of Bitcoin ABC coins. The ratio is 1:1.

For example: you kept your 15 BCH (According to today’s exchange rate, this is about 8685$), then in addition to that, you can have your coins in the amount of 15 BCHA (this is about 2100$). Consequently, 2100$ is added to your assets, which you should get, otherwise you can easily lose them, which I’ll talk about a little later.

How to Split Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin ABC: Step by Step Guide

So, in order to split the coins, we need the official "Bitcoin ABC" wallet. You can easily find it on Google, or click the link in the video description.

Make sure to check the domain - it must be: https://mybchawallet.org

We are on the main page and we can go two ways: Create a new BitcoinABC wallet or – the second option – to log in with your Bitcoin Cash wallet.

Let’s try the first option first.

Click "Create a New wallet"

We can see 12 generated secret words. It’s very important to write them down (preferably on paper) and keep them safe.

Now just copy the words and click the "I am saved" button and then click "Next"

Here, we need to confirm that we wrote down the words correctly, so we enter the missing words into the form (in this case it is 4,5,6) and click "Verify".

Our wallet’s been successfully created! The balance is shown in two coins: "BCH" & "BCHA".
The "Split" button is not active yet.

Now let’s try to transfer some BCH from our Electron cash wallet to this wallet (This also works with any other wallets).

Click on the "Receive" section of the menu and copy the BCH address to receive "Bitcoin Cash" coins.

Now let’s open the Electron Cash wallet and do a test transfer to our new wallet.

In this wallet, we have 4.998944 unsplit Bitcoin Cash coins.

We go to the "Send" section, paste the BCH address that we copied in our wallet, insert the value that we want to send, set the commission and press the "Send" button.

Payment sent

Let’s make sure that our coins are sent and all is well.

We see that 0.001 BCH that we sent is in the wallet. Let’s try to update the account balance.

Our operation is in the history of transactions, everything is fine.

The coin split button is activated.

But let’s make another payment

Copy the address again, go to the wallet and send 0.002 BCH this time

Let’s go check our wallet.

The account has 0.003 BCH everything’s correct.

Let’s press the "Split" button so that Bitcoin ABC coins can be split from Bitcoin Cash.

Now we have 0.003 BCH and 0.003 BCHA on our account. Everything worked out as we planned.

We see the record about the split of coins in the transaction history.

Okay, then Let’s transact some more BCH and see what happens then.

Let’s try to transfer a little less than one Bitcoin cash so that it can merge with our previous transactions.

So, Let’s check it. Our account has a little more than one BCH and the value of Bitcoin ABC hasn’t been affected, everything is working fine!

Let’s click the "Split" button and we’ll see how we split Bitcoin ABC from our BCH.

Let’s try to check now if we send BCH to another address, would anything happen with our BCHA.

Let’s create another wallet and try sending our money there. Copy, paste and select how much you want to transfer.

Check if our coins came in.

Yes, as we can see, a payment of 0.3 BCH has come to our new wallet

Update the balance. Everything is fine, the values are correct. We have a bit over 0.7 BCH on our account, while Bitcoin ABC remained in its place.

There are still a little less than 4 Bitcoin Cash left on our main wallet. We can split them in a different way, by importing our private key into the Bitcoin ABC wallet.

Create BCHA wallet

How to Split BCH and BCHA (using a PrivateKey or Mnemonic):

There are still a little less than 4 Bitcoin Cash left on our main wallet.

We can split them in a different way, by importing our private key into the Bitcoin ABC wallet.

So, you should open the "Access My Wallet" section.

Here, we can choose the method to enter the wallet. This is a secret phrase of Bitcoin ABC, or 12 secret words from the wallet where we store Bitcoin Cash (Electron Cash, Coinomi, Exodus, etc.).

Or Private Key from BCH.

In order to extract the Private Key from the Electron Cash wallet, you need to go to the "Addresses" tab, select the desired address and right-click on it, then select the "Pivate key" item.

The "Private key" from this Bitcoin Cash address is stored here, let’s copy it.

Paste the previously copied "Private key" into the line "Enter your BCH Private Key". You can have several keys at once, but no more than 50 at a time.

Private key is successfully imported, we can see the correct balance of this address and the transaction history.

Click the active "Split" button and split our coins.

We split the coins successfully, as evidenced by the transaction history entry and the account balance.

In order to finally make sure that the BCH and Bitcoin ABC coins are split and not connected to each other, we transfer part of the Bitcoin cash to another wallet and make sure that nothing could happen to BCHA.

Now we can be sure that all our steps for splitting the coins were correct.

Now you can use each coin separately and not worry that BCHA will get lost along with BCH at the moment of making a payment on the Bitcoin Cash network.

I hope this detailed instruction on splitting coins will help you get Bitcoin Cash ABC quickly and securely.

Split BCHA